Jason Wolcott, world-renowned kite surf and ocean photographer, has been behind the camera for the better part of two and a half decades. Gracing more than 55 magazine covers, as well as having 10,000+ images published in the water sports and travel genre, makes him one of the most accomplished photographers in the action sports world. Jason has added “publisher” to his credits, now that he is ownership partner, international editor, and staff photographer of Freedom Kitesurfing Magazine.

With his keen eye for visual perfection and innate ability to weave a story with both words and photos showcases his talents as a true creative Swiss army knife. In addition to that he is also an acclaimed landscape, travel, and fine art photographer, as well as videographer and aerial cinematographer.

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Jason Wolcott on the Kite Show

Jason Wolcott Portfolio Video


Kiteboarding magazine covers

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Unleashed from the lens - The KiteMag

Jason Wolcott's Scrapbook - The KiteMag


LiquidEye Waterhousings

Core Kiteboarding

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